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The Impossible (Vinyl)


Our first release on vinyl! -and we must say there will be some more.


For the vinyl release, we and composer Fernando Velázquez have preferred to produce it as it was done in the old times, when the LPs were designed simply to be enjoyed. In this way, the contents and tracks are slightly different than in the CD (the vinyl is about 10 minutes shortest than the CD for space reason) and are not is in the strict order of the film.


The vinyl is also available with two differents covers. 


Limited Edition of 500 units!!


01.  The Impossible Main Titles (5:12)

02.  The best Holiday season ever (2:27)

03. Even if it´s the last thing we do (1:28)

04. Kem Kang Noi (2:02)

05. My boys, I cannot see them (3:53)

06. Go and help people (1:36)

07. I will bring your “Pappa” here (1:23)

08. I won´t stop looking until I find them (1:31)


01. But she´ll be Ok, right? (1:52)

02. Let´s go, no need to wait (4:45)

03. Am I dead? (2:36)

04. He looked so happy (5:01)

05. The Impossible End Titles (7:50)