In you will now find a new website, more comfortable and easier to use, after suffering many disappointments with the previous web masters who made an Ajax website (very attractive and fast, yes, but totally incompatible with social networks and Internet Explorer, as well as chaotic for the customer).


The new website has been created by Magento system and we hope that will be definitive. To us, customer service is a constant work-in-progress: it is never good enough.


If you are registered in the previous website, do not worry: your keys and passwords will be the same.


We have also installed a new delivery system, where you can choose between priority and certified mail. If you are interested in your orders to be delivered by FedEx then you should contact us, but it will be more expensive than the Mail delivery.


Do not forget to consult regularly our section "News", where we will make announcements of our new releases. You can find information in Facebook and Twitter too. From time to time we continue to participate in some boards as FSM (although we are not very common, I must say), but it will be easy to find us in our own pages.


We have a lot of surprises scheduled for the rest of this year, far more than we expected. You can find Hollywood and European releases, new and old films, world premiere releases and reissues. And even more for next year. We are here and so far we have no intention of abandoning the ship!


To celebrate the new website, our new corporative image and the renewed Quartet Records logo, we have an irresistible offer for you. In the "Special Offer" section you will find some of our early titles whose contracts are near to expire (and the remains copies of which must be destroyed) and also more recent titles. The prices are between €4,95 (aprox $6) and €8,95 (aprox $11)


But if you buy more than 5 units – among the titles only included in this offer -, shipping costs will be free for worldwide. Someone offers more?


This offer is open now and expires at the end of June. So hurry, because from most titles are not many copies in stock.


In this offer you will find a surprise: Hornets' Nest, with a spectacular new cover design from the original American poster. Strangely enough, in the beginning we only manufactured the 1000 copies (limited for contract) of this Ennio Morricone classic, but after two years we are still keeping 230 copies! Some customers have reported to be disgusted with the previous cover (the original Japanese poster), so we have made this change for the 230 remaining copies.