This month is very special for us because it has been five years since we started a new label dedicated to film music. In other words, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary!

Since then, we have released 155 albums and believe that with them we have achieved our goal: to create a niche label with eclectic taste where new and old films—some very-well known and some pretty obscure—can co-exist, representing composers and films of all nationalities, all produced with the same commitment and serious dedication.


Throughout these five years we have earned the confidence of several composers, studios and companies around the world, establishing excellent relationships with them and making it possible to continue our work of releasing their scores. We would like to thank MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal, Studio Canal, Lionsgate, Gruppo Sugar, Beat Records, GDM, EMI General Music, Cinevox, Pathé, Gaumont, Hori Prod, Mercury Films, Telecinco Cinema, Apaches Entertainment, El Deseo, UMG, Capitol Records and Sony Music (not to mention some new companies with whom we will begin working in the future) for the opportunity to collaborate with them.


The list of titles in our pipeline for the remainder of 2014 and 2015 is, we think, impressive. Some will be reissues and some will be expansions of previous albums, but most of them will be world premiere releases. So, rest assured, Quartet Records will be here! Our number of releases will continue to be between three and five CDs each month—typically two releases every two weeks. And if you want to know about them, please regularly check the "Upcoming Releases" button on our website and our Facebook page. We will be much more forthcoming from now on, giving specific information and dates with fewer clues and games.


Obviously, we did not do this work alone. There are many great professionals who have been and are involved in every project, and they have helped us advance to where we are today. We want to give special thanks to all the record producers that have worked with us (Claudio Fuiano, Lukas Kendall, Stéphane Lerouge, Nick Redman, James Fitzpatrick), writers (Frank K. DeWald, John Takis, Daniel Schweiger, Randall D. Larson, Tim Greiving, Andy Dursin, Jeff Bond, Bruce Kimmel, Gergely Hubai, Miguel A. Barroso, Roberto Cueto, Óscar Salas), sound and transfer engineers (José Luis Crespo, José Vinader, Marc Blanes, J.M. Rosillo, Raúl Ros, Quique Roldán, Daniel Hersch, Johnny Dee Davis, Doug Johnson, Dániel Winkler, Enrico De Gemini, Christophe Henault, Jean Pierre Chalbos), our designer Nacho B. Govantes for our wonderful packaging, and all the retailers and distributors—both physical and digital—that sell our albums worldwide. And of course, we can’t forget the most important component of our success: our loyal customers.


Therefore, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, during the next two weeks we are offering a 35% discount on all our products. Simply place your order online and 35% of your overall price will be automatically deducted at checkout.

In addition, with the purchase of 6 CDs or more, we will add free worldwide shipping—with a registered track number!

Please be aware that for many titles we have only very limited quantities (for some, less than 10 copies!). And our licenses for some titles expire in September and they will be unavailable for purchase after the summer is over.

Thank you all very much—and long live film music!