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Il dolce corpo di Deborah
(The Sweet Body of Deborah)


Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar issues the first ever real expansion of the cult classic  Il dolce corpo di Deborah by Nora Orlandi, offered here for the first time in full stereo.


Romolo Guerrieri's film follows the titular Deborah, a wealthy American  newlywed who is honeymooning with her Italian husband Marcel in Geneva.  The trip brings back bad memories for the couple and soon enough the  young wife is haunted by memories of Marcel's former fiancée. Following  an almost fatal overdosing and haunting visions, Deborah must face the  facts that she may be the target of a devious plan... 


After working with Guerrieri on Johnny Yuma, composer Nora Orlandi was  invited back for Il dolce corpo di Deborah where she fashioned a score  that highlights the story’s more psychedelic aspects. Several cues,  including the opening titles (Marcel – Deborah) feature vocalization by  Orlandi herself, while the song "Molto tempo fa" features the composer's  sister, Paola. Other highlights include the energetic "La Bandita"  played during the film's central set piece, a colorful game of Twister. 


This release by Quartet Records is the first real expanded release of  the score on CD (a previous extended CD had the same program repeated in  mono and in a simulated stereo). The original LP released by CAMin 1968 was also in mono, this time we have had the opportunity to access to the original session tapes and offer the entire program in a dynamic stereo, mastered by Claudio Fuiano.


The 8-page booklet includes colorful stills and liner  notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and the score.

The Original Album (Stereo)

01. Marcel-Deborah (2:32)

02. Night Story (2:04)

03. Intimita’ (1:19)

04. Ossessione (1:48)

05. Il Valico (2:28)

06. Molto Tempo Fa (2:19)

07. Musica Bionda (1:36)

08. I Robot (2:23)

09. L’imprevisto (3:00)

10. Ginevra (1:54)

11. La Bandita (1:54)

12. Croisette (2:00)

Bonus Tracks (Stereo)

13. L’imprevisto (original ending) (3:06)

14. Ginevra (2:13)

15. Il Valico (1:38)

16. Marcel-Deborah (1:32)

17. I Robot (original version) (2:44)

18. Croisette (0:37)

19. Night Story (0:42)

20. Ginevra (2:19)

21. Croisette (0:44)

22. Ossessione (2:10)

23. Ginevra (1:50)

24. Molto Tempo Fa (instrumental) (2:19)

25. La Bandita (original ending) (1:59)

26. Ginevra (2:37)

27. Ossessione (1:14)

28. Croisette (0:45)

29. Ginevra (1:30)

30. Marcel-Deborah (1:53)

Total Disc Time: 58:59