Dear customer:

These are difficult and harrowing times for almost all of us. This pandemic is global, and we are all scared. In our case, we have been forced to temporarily suspend our activity because all non-essential businesses must be closed in our country, as in many other parts of the world.


In April 2020 Quartet Records will celebrate its 10 anniversary, and we had prepared—with great effort and a lot of work—what we think would be an impressive line of releases through the end of the year. But although we need to delay many of these releases, and come up with some great ones for 2021, we are sure that together—in unity with the whole planet—we will overcome this crisis. These releases will see the light someday, and everything will return to normal—even though our lives might look very different.


Music may be a “non-essential” business, but it's essential to our souls and minds—indeed, to our very lives. That's why we have advanced our usual big summer 30% sale to now. It's a time when many people need music to overcome these days of isolation (however long they may last), and for this reason we have put our entire catalog at 30% discount for the next three weeks. As usual, if you buy 7 products or more, you will have free shipping worldwide.


As we have done with previous summer offers, we will start sending all the orders when the sale ends within three weeks. We really hope and pray that the world goes back to normality then, so please be patient and understanding. Not every country has the same restrictions right now, and, of course, we don't want to endanger anyone's life in these moments when food and medical products are the most necessary. But we can assure you that you will receive your order, and that you can trust us, as always. If there are delays, we will contact you, and of course you can always contact us at info and order email address.


Please note that we will only be working on a very reduced-hour basis for the next few weeks.


In these moments, where there will no new Quartet releases for at least two months, we are infinitely grateful for your support. These hard times are impacting everyone, but in business terms they are especially hard for small independent companies like ours.


Please be safe, stay home and take this time to listen good film music!