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Matka Edeniin (A Journey to Eden)


New film score by French composer Pascal Gaigne (“Gordos”, “Castillos de cartón”, “Omertá”, “80 Egunean”).


“Matka Edeniin” is a Finnish film directed by Rax Rinnekangas. It portrays the journey of two artists, a painter and a composer, as they try to find direction for their lives and their work.


Gaigne’s music, written for a small chamber ensemble (2 violins, viola, cello, harp and voice) is peaceful and spiritual. Its delicate textures penetrate the inner lives of the two characters in the film. For this score, Gaigne incorporated fragments of his own concert piece, “Shen,” written in 1994 for cello and electronics. We have included the entire piece, as conceived by the composer, at the end of the CD.

01. Eve’s Song (3:23)

02. Las Manos (1:43)

03. Matka Edeniin (2:58)

04. Según Dante (3:27)

05. Les Cheveux D’Êve (2:39)

06. Remelluri (4:13)

07. El último fuego (2:05)

08. Amistades (2:09)

09. Los Santos (7:08)

10. Paisajes Riojanos (1:05)

11. Viaje a Edén (2:46)

12. El último minuto en Eden (3:12)

13. Shen (13:20)

Total Disc Time: 51:20