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This is a dramatic comedy about the excesses and lacks of life. Complexes, phobias, obsessions, traumas, mistakes, fears, guilt, desire, illusion, challenges, commitments, goals, relationships, love, sex, health, family…All in all, to survive. Gordos means pizza, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, calories, lots of calories. And it also means guilt, desire, fear, illusion, dreams, sex, family, love… It is cheerful, optimistic, tremendous, bitter, tender, tough, light, deep. It is a comedy. It is a drama. It is full of contradictions. True life… Five stories about obesity with a common environment: A therapy group. A place where the characters won’t lose weight, but will find the motives of their overweight and the causes for not liking their bodies. Weight doesn’t really matter. Their body don’ t really matter.


After working on the successful “Azuloscurocasinegro”, Pascal Gaigne collaborates again with Daniel Sanchez Arévalo. This time, the french author weaves a subtle spider web where the emotions, joys and dramas of a group of people who seem to have lost their way flow.

01. Gordos (3:27)

02. Paula (4:21)

03. Resurrección (3:01)

04. Leonor (3:13)

05. Terapia (2:45)

06. Sofia (2:26)

07. Amnesia (3:09)

08. Gordos Suite I (7:16)

09. Gordos Suite II (7:50)

10. Pilar (1:58)

11. Gordos Suite III (3:46)

12. Gordos Suite IV (4:27)

13. Terapia II (2:29)

14. Traumalogía (5:54)

Total Disc Time: 56:19