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Castillos de Cartón


This is the story of a love triangle between three Fine Arts students. Maria José (Adriana Ugarte) studies painting in a great city Faculty of Fine Arts. One morning, while she prepares an easel for her class, Jaime (Biel Durán), one of her classmates, draws her portrait without her noticing. Marcos (Nilo Mur), the most talented boy of his class, stands next to him admiring his drawing skills. Maria José expects that she will be given the portrait, but Jaime, unexpectedly, keeps it after having showed it to her. Maria José, Jaime and Marcos will share a passion for painting and something more. A love story that will last until the end of the age of learning, when they’ll have to face the real world.


This is the fourth of Pascal Gaigne collaborations with the director Salvador García Ruiz, after having worked together in “Mensaka”, “El otro barrio” and “Las voces de la noche”. Gaigne considers “Castillos de Cartón” as one of the most elaborated and special soundtracks ever written by him as far as its formal and musical construction is concerned.


Pascal Gaigne was born in Caén (France) in 1958. Besides music for ballet, theatre, television and cinema, he has written several chamber music and electroacoustic pieces. Among his most popular soundtracks we can find “El sol del membrillo” by Victor Erice, “Piedras” by Ramón Salazar, “Silencio Roto” by Montxo Armendáriz, “Flores de otro mundo” by Iciar Bollaín, “Le cou de la giraffe” by Safy Nebbou, “Siete mesas de billar francés” by Gracia Querejeta, “Omertá” by Pavel Giroud, “Azuloscurocasinegro” and “Gordos” by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and the Salvador García Ruiz four films mentioned before.

01. Castillos de Cartón (4:25)

02. Títulos (2:17)

03. Vida creativa (7:26)

04. En silencio (3:47)

05. Verano (3:43)

06. Frente a frente (2:44)

07. Rojo por rojo (2:08)

08. Extrasistencial (4:16)

09. Hipnosis (1:52)

10. Autoretrato (2:51)

11. Otoñal (3:27)

Total Disc Time: 39:17